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Originally Posted by deep_freesze View Post
yep kurapika is a guy...... if not why would gon and the others use "He" towards Kurapika............ By the way can some of you join this hunter x hunter 2011 group i created ........I'm not forcing you....but I'm sure if there was ever a hunter x hunter group
When the manga started publication in Japan the readers' most frequented question was if Kurapica was a guy or girl (the female voice actress or Kurapica's very formal manner for a male didn't help). Japanese people have it harder since their personal pronouns don't specify gender and most names are genderless. Togashi made fun of this with a scene from the exams in which he had to make a bet involving his gender; he believed Kurapica was more suitable for the bet. In an episode from the first TV series Kurapica for some reason is embarrassed with the position of his legs as he is showing his clothed crotch region. Although now almost everybody knows Kurapica is male, the new TV series added a really androgynous shot of Kurapica's face.

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