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As always, one should take 'leaks' with a grain of salt; after all, the possibility of them being the bait for a latter-day analogue of Operation Mincemeat always exists (and would be hilarious). Keep in mind, too, that 'anonymous' or 'secret' sources are at best difficult to properly vet. This said, I will put forward my opinion on a couple of the rumored 'features':
  • mandatory Kinect: it's one thing if each system comes with a much-improved version of the thing (which would encourage more developers to take advantage of its features where practical for the game); for it to be always on and watching regardless of what you're doing with is another, one which is guaranteed to arouse the ire of the privacy-minded - there is a reason webcams come with actual shutters, after all.
  • blocking used games: funny, I don't recall hearing any other industry complaining about sales of used goods; could someone enlighten me as to how/why it's different here? Besides, I see no financial incentive for a hardware manufacturer to care whether the software is 'new' or 'used'.
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