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Did anybody remember the original premise of the series where it's suppose to be two people who hates love and wants nothing to do with it?

Cause I don't think I've seen any of that in our two main characters anymore.
This cannot be called the premise. This is after all a harem love comedy series (it's not just about Masuzu and Eita), not a serious love comedy series like Sakurasou or Toradora, so it's a given that any watcher can guess that Masuzu will fall in love with Eita. The only question is 'when'? The theme is 'Shuraba', which is a definite 'result' whenever a harem is involved. The accompanying theme is 'Ji-En-Otsu' (faking, charade, play-acting, lies). And Masuzu and Eita's fake relationship sets up the dynamics for everything.

As to having them acting a little 'dere' towards each other, it is a reasonable behavior considering that they are adolescents who just experienced their first encounters of 'intimacy'. They are moments of 'body-over-mind' at that kind of age. It doesn't mean that their beliefs about love have been completely overturned.

Spoiler for Comparison to the novels:

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