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Originally Posted by Thingle View Post

SP is crap. Its just an overly done marimite wannabe
What kind of a lame comment was that? If you don't have anything sensible to say then just don't say anything at all.

Anyway, I suppose I must be honored to be the 100 voter, but something troubles me with this vote. Poll 'Which is better - SP or Maria-sama" in the Marimite forum? That doesn't sound fair...
But let's compare a few numbers (sounds hard, but I suck at maths, so just relax, it'll be easy )
Here, on animesuki forums, Strawberry Panic has one major thread which has 1,893 replies and 129,848 views. Marimite has a whole forum with 7 pages of threads. If you check all the pages(did that for ya ), you'll see two noticeable threads - Marimite [Unfortunately SPOILERS Lurk Here] which has 845 replies and Marimite Image Thread with 101,702 views(though I believe the keyword here is 'Image').
Having in mind that I'm not really good with calculations, I'll just leave it to you guys to decide which is bigger. Of course, Marimite has a whole forum with 6 pages with 25 threads per page ...then again, let's not become petty.

To put it bluntly - both shows are good and they both have their fans. But just for me, I enjoyed much more Strawberry Panic than Marimite, because the one and only reason I watched Maria-sama was because everyone said they were the same. I was so hoping that to be true, too bad it wasn't...
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