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Originally Posted by Izayuukan View Post
I just finished watching Frontier two days ago, and I never picked up on the Seiyuu similarities with Gundam 00.

By the way, I refuse to call the masked man "Mr. Bushido". It just sounds awful, and it is ridiculous that an Caucasian can be taken seriously as a Japanese.

Graham was my favourite character in the first season until the last episode, which ruined him. Setsuna had just fought an epic (and tiring) battle with Alejandro, and the Exia was suffering the side effects of coming off Trans-AM. And Graham still couldn't lay a decisive blow.

Anyway, I'm not really a fan of Ali, and find it stupid that he survived. Sure, he was based of Gauron, but that is no excuse for him to be given Gauron's insane and ludicrous penchant for surviving the destruction of his various Mechas. Besides that, Ali's survival demeans Neil's death.

Neil's death still means something for Tieria and Felt.

I don't think Graham aka Mr. Bushido would change his fighting style. He always dominated in close quarter combat. In addition, Setsuna fought each other enough times to know their distinct fighting style.
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