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Presently there are 44 raw chapters that have yet to be translated into English. I think there are more because it's about 11 volumes (or 15...I have to check since I read by chapter and don't really note the volumes unless there is a new cover) The thing is nobody was really translating it.

I put the "O" in obsessive and there was hardly anyone talking about it. I searched everywhere (When I fan Girl I fan Girl) I found it by accident because Seinen is my first choice of Manga---the more fighting/action--- the better.

A release group was wondering why nobody picked it up since...Who doesn't like a blind guy who with a sword and removes people teeth,--- jawbone and all with a sword that slice can through anything? And has a Hardcore attitude to boot....

The thing is right now it's release status is irregular, but once a new chapter is released every couple of least 3 to 5 more follow it in that week....or something like that.

There is a place that has whole raw volumes and chapters from 1-74. Some Translations, for some of them. Then they have the scans up to chapter 30 in English. I can't read the raws but I am obsessive so I have looked at every one of them...I just can't read Japanese.

(There is a full body shot of Serena in her bra and panties-she's built like a brick shit house)

I actually started this thread, because I was horrified there wasn't one for it ...and I was hoping some nice release group that hangs around here, would take a interest, or there would be a demand for it---so some nice release group would take an interest, pick it up and help the other nice guys who can't do it as fast
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