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You're seriously underestimating muslim society, or overestimating them depending on how you look at it, but take it from someone who'se been in their country for four years and has still been in contact of members of their colture every year after that. They are very open about their beliefs and every chance they have, they will try to convert you. Multiple people, including my best friend (who'se from Egypt) have tried it with me. As for relationships, take it from someone with personal experience even. And there was also a case in Italy which happened not too long ago when a muslim family killed their own daughter because she was going out with someone from my country. It might not be the same for other religions, but when you have people like this, you just have to be deeply concerned.
I've met a lot of muslims who were living in the US, some who's family was in the country for several generations to American converts to some who were immigrants themselves. (My anime club's office was 2 doors down from the muslim student association's office and we were the two most active clubs in terms of office use) I can tell you, based on my experience there's a big difference among individual muslims and none of them tried to convert me. Most of them were no different from any other person, except some of the girls who wore full hajibs, though there were others who dressed completely in western clothes without anything on their head at all. Other than some wearing traditional islamic clothes they acted just like anyone else though. Of course you can point out that the sample is biased because we're talking about muslims attending college in a western country. Still, not one of them gave me any reason to think of them any differently from anyone else.
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