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Under normal circumstances they wouldn't act much differently from anyone else, but if you bring up any religious topics, they'd be pretty outspoken about it. Maybe it's different in the US and I don't know what it's like over there, but in Europe and the Middle East, they're very traditionalist and aren't exactly open to other points of view, like the example of a family from a muslim background in Italy complaining about a school because the cross was hung in each classroom (like in any other Italian elementary school for that matter) when they expose us to all their symbologies in their countries relentlessly and would go so far as cutting other people's hands off for publicly practicing any religion other and Islam, or the other muslim family killing their own daughter and burying her in their own backyard for going out with an Italian. And no, I'm not making this up. A family really did kill their own daughter and buried her in their own backyard. So you can see how they would deal with situations where for example their daughter wanted to marry someone from another religious background, especially when their culture doesn't allow that. I'm not saying every family would go so far as killing a relative. That's a bit of an extreme example, but it goes without saying that they take religious matters seriously, including marriages. There's more reason to be concerned for possible children for that rather than just different skin color.
Why shouldn't they complain about a cross in the classroom where their kids go to school? They have a right not to have another religion shoved in their kid's face. It's a two way street. If you think muslims should keep their religion to themselves, shouldn't muslims expect others to in turn keep their religion to themselves as well? Of course that's me speaking as an athiest American. In the US, religion is supposed to be kept out of the classroom in public schools.

As for the honor killing you talk about, yes, I fully believe you when you say it happened, and I'm aware of other cases like that too. However, parents murdering their children is not confined to muslims. You might be able to point to things like sharia law that could be said to encourage stuff like that, but in the end it's because those people who did that were psychotic loons, and likely would have been psychotic loons if they weren't muslim.
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