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Originally Posted by Ca12nag3 View Post
The hole is an escaperoute Hatfield doesnt have to die there. Tho i think he will. Besides the point its what i think its not fact yet.
I only stated that both are an option and from there on what would happen cause of his death/survival.
If he survives Aruka would still not be discoverd as aiding the enemy.
Mio, Setsuna who ordered Rin Rin for aiding as well, and possibly the Black Madam will all be seen as traitors.
Riru btw only orders the pretty girl squad from Simeon HQ but still the Black Madam is their leader as far as i can tell.
Riru is also foreign to this blackspot since shes from another one so far i know. And shes Arclights lover so ofc she orders people around as usual with bosschicks.
Trust me, the killer girls won't be exposed as traitors, at least not yet.

And you forgot another important detail and one more reason why Hatfield has to be defeated. If he isn't, they can't escape.

It's kill or be killed.
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