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eh parallelism would be 2 things that share a unique thing thats the same. so if you say nothing is the same and then say parallelism your contradicting yourself...what are you on about?

The only thing you can realy taste from these chapters is there is something new going to happen soon. Either Cruz gains some kick ass power and defeats this Hatfield or another character shows up to defeat him.
Also the fact his sister left him a window of opertunity is interesting along with the girls that aid him ( wich could lead to their death) so kuddos for the commitment they made.
There is no more parralel with Kafka then with Uten or any other battle. The only thing thats the same is Blade comming to the rescue tho i dont see him win it since it would be cliché.
When I say some parallelism I mean things like Cruz desiring for a fragment in both the prologue and this ark, for example.

And no, even the thing about Blade is not the same.

The thing is, in the current arc is happening all the opposite of what happened in the prologue:

-Resistance got slaughtered -> This time resistance will survive.

-Cruz unaware of Aruka's true identity, and was helped by her to escape -> Cruz knows everything about her, and this time Aruka just opens a path leaving the issue of surviving to Cruz.

-Blade came to the rescue -> Blade? comes to the rescue.

-Kafka -> Hatfield. The later is lots of times stronger than the former.

-Cruz powerless with no fragment -> And you know the rest.

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