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You dont have to be strong to win battles you need brains and he has plenty of that. Also Aruka isnt physicaly the strongest among those and still she took m all out.
cruz is perhaps a lot more inteligent and if/when he gets his powers he will benifit from those.
Also note that fragments are a fictive creation after the 2nd died. (people had a single ability of the entire set of abilities the 2nd had)
So the 2nd never had ...fragments. He had the complete power equal to a God and used it only for good.
Having said that and asuming Cruz is the new 2nd or the 3rd he wont have a fragment he will have the power.
The only danger is that Arclights artificial fragment can amplify the powers of any fragment he learns. So if Cruz has the full powers of the 2nd and awakens those Arclight will want it and then even Cruz couldnt stop him (well that would be Arclights thoughts) Since Arclight amplifies the powers he gains and Cruz should not. But the outcome would still be in Cruzes favor since he would be a God and you cant beat a God if you arnt one lol. so Arclight will never win.
Well thats my vision on the entire matter. So you can think all you want bout fragments but Cruz will never have fragments he will be the whole ^^.
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