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Ehm you dont get what im saying. Nobody refered to the 2nd to have a fragment since its not fragmented wich means the full power of the 2nd.
Cruz if hes to be stronger then both Arclight or Blade has to be the one who stands above all else.
Kinda like when Goku went supersayin...? Well he will reach a power that nobody has seen in their lives.
So you cant call it a fragment since fragment is already a inferior word. He wont have Zero since Zero is imperfect. Zero is a made fragment. Its design is to learn abilities and Arclights already has an extra power that amplifies the regular moves. Im asuming thats why all those experiments went wrong. They tried to put to much power in a human clone and it starts to deform and explode. Rejecting the powers.
Only the real 2nd can handle that much power thus Cruz. And it wont be a fragment for real saying it will be a fragment is silly since a fragment is always a part of the 2nds power. And if Cruz will be the new messiah then he needs all powers.
Thus no longer fragmented. I think when this will happen they will re-name him but wont describe a single fragment power.
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