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I apologise for posting so late. As many people hopefully know, this wasn't a well known release back in 2003. However, I've just finished watching it and I think it's a great series, a 'real treasure'.

I might be sounding a bit contradictory (I'm a Haruka fan btw, and I think she's the series' BEST character), but I reluctantly believe that it was best Takayuki chose to be with Mitsuki in the end. Why? Because although Mitsuki did lots of crying and little else, she HAS been through a lot e.g. setting up her crush with her best friend, losing her best friend, quitting swimming, being hurt over her love for Takayuki for 3 years. (I'm guessing most of you will agree when I say Takayuki could have been a lot less of a FOOL and IDIOT ) Also, I genuinely think that Mitsuki wouldn't be able to live properly without him, but Haruka on the other hand is a very strong person, as we've seen, and will be able to cope just fine judging from her seeming success as a book writer. I'm sure she would have found a Mr Right for herself in future (as she deserves MUCH more than someone like Takayuki). Haruka also has a GREAT sister in Akane to support and love her.

Did Haruka meet up with her 3 friends again under the tree in Spring, just like she wrote about in her new book? I sure hope so, even if it's the last time they see each other, because it brings some sort of closure to her life from before the accident. From the looks of her happy tears at the end of the anime, she probably did, and I hope that would have allowed her to move on. For me, Haruka is the most developed character in the anime as she has changed from a timid person to a very mature one, but that's just my opinion.

Overall, great drama series even if not the best.

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