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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Touma did call her Biribiri, right?
yeah, it seems that event didn't happn yet. I'm willing to bet they'd make separate episodes to connect Railgun with Index. Just to fill up the slots lol

Originally Posted by Freeter View Post
The Biribiri/Touma moment at the end was gold. I thought he'd walk in on them during the shoot for some reason, but this was even better. Too bad we won't get a reaction shot from this, seeing Biribiri light up like a Christmas tree would've been sweet
lol yes. The saving moment of this episode and probably the only thing that made me laugh (besides Kuroko's choice of swimsuit)

Overall it was an average "cooldown" episode. I really hope things start picking up again in the succeeding episodes, or at least make things more enjoyable. The preview looks promising, we get to see a familiar face in Index
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