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One Piece - Chapter 579 (manga)

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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The epicness of the current storyline has still yet to cease this week, folks! A whole mess of spoiler pics came out that shows the nitty-gritty details of the chapter! Now, for the summary:

-The marines are attacking Law in order to prevent him from escaping with Luffy. Meanwhile, it seems like Blackbeard is fighting against both Sengoku AND Garp, whom he taunts with glee as he says that their age will end along with the fallen Whitebeard's......

-Meanwhile, the PX battalion have crossed over to the pirates' half of the plaza. As this is going on, Smoker and Tashigi try to tend to a wounded soldier, but the VA Doberman barks at them to abandon the soldier and crush the remaining pirates. Tashigi notes that her colleagues' spirits are all high since they've met their objective, yet they still lust for more pirates' blood even though they've achieved victory......

-Kizaru is now ready to stop Law, telling him to leave behind Luffy. Buggy tosses the fatally wounded Luffy and Jinbei over to Law, but before the supernova can make an escape, Kizaru teleports right next to him. However, right at that moment, Coby shouts for his fellow marines to stop fighting, and gives a heartfelt speech about how pointless it is to continue fighting in a war that they've already won, and that ignoring wounded comrades and piling up the numbers of casualties on their side is just plain stupidity. Akainu pretty much says that he has no use for soft soldiers who don't walk the path of justice, and is about to exterminate the young, tender-hearted marine with his magma fist......

-....When suddenly, a mysterious figure blocks the attack with his sword! The new intruder tells Coby that the distraction he provided with his courageous speech may have indeed decided the fate of the world. Back at Law's ship, a familiar pirate, Ben Beckman, points a gun at Kizaru at point-blank range. The intruder turns out to be no other than the Yonkou Red-haired Shanks, who picks up Luffy's straw hat, and announces that he came to bring this war to an end.....!!!

...Huh, so Shanks actually came, after all. I've seen so many people predict the possibility of that happening that I figured he would butt out of this war. To be honest I have no problem with his intrusion at this point, since he at least came after both Ace and Whitebeard died.....

By the way, I'm glad to see that Kizaru was the one to stop Law from escaping, after all. However, while I had predicted that the NW captains would be the one to deal with the admiral, I guess he'll have to answer to Shanks' crew now (I at least hope that Lucky Reaux takes him on, since he's the only guy in that crew that I really have any interest in). I also see that the prediction of Garp fighting against Blackbeard came true, as well. I still sort of wish that he were the one to interrupt Akainu instead of Shanks, but oh well. Let's just hope we see the aged hero hand out an epic asskicking to Blackbeard's crew before he too may join Whitebeard in eternity......

Heh, I also can't wait to see the interaction between Buggy and Shanks now that they're back together after so many years. Buggy's followers will undoubtedly crap out the biggest of bricks at this development.

So... er, yeah, waiting for full chapter, now.......

Edit: Ah, I just noticed that Beckman's pointing a gun at Kizaru's head. 'Twas kinda hard for me to tell from this blurry spoiler pics. I'd still rather see Lucky fight, though.....

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