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I've yet to understand how Kotonoha is the "victim".
Kotonoha, having just met Makoto, had already decided to date him AND claim she "loves" him! That sickens me, to the point of hating Kotonoha's character with no second thoughts. Who the hell would date and claim love for someone they JUST (literately JUST) met?!

Though, Makoto did the same thing, he ultimately tried realizing his feeling for Sekai.

I voted for:

Sekai Saionji: Because, her,Setsuna and Otome, were the only ones who even had the right to "love" Makoto. Having known them for more than a week. Though, she mad one of the biggest mistakes in the series, it was completely understandable. I can actually relate to what Sekai had none, rather than to claim you love someone you just met. Oh, and to those who claim Sekai lied about pregnancy, I'd just like to say: Sekai did NOT lie about being pregnant, it was actually Kotonoha's fault for being so dimwitted as to expect the baby to have grown enough to be ...eer visible (I dun't know how to explain it) SEKAI HAD ONLY BEEN PREGNANT FOR A WEEK, OF COURSE YOUR NOT GOING TO FIND A SEED! O 3O;;

Setsuna- Because, she stayed loyal to her friend,despite loving Makoto,too.

Otome- Because, she had actually been the very first person to like Makoto. She had been his best friend since middle school and actually held her feelings in for a while. To make her character even more likable, she was the only one to actually walk away from Makoto. It should have been Kotonoha to have walked away from him, but no she kept pushing herself onto some guy she hardly knew.... Bleh.

((On a sidenote... Kotonoha is often compared to Rena Ryugu. Well I loath the both of them, so it fits.... also I hope it's not considered "bad" for me to share my opinions in a rarher harsh manner... Dx;; ))
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