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The limit is currently 100 and it is summed across all albums. There is also a total disk space usage limit of ~9Mb, with per image limits of ~97 KB, 800px wide and 600px tall.

These settings haven't been changed/reviewed since albums were first enabled. Originally disk space put a limit on what we were prepared to enable. Especially given the plethora of image hosting services available. We had no intention of trying to compete with them, and I should make clear we still don't intend to complete with them. Mass image hosting is not and never will be a priority here.

That said, how many users find the current setting very restricting?

Looking at the disk usage to data, I don't think we'd have a problem increasing the limits slightly if there is a demand for it. An image count limit increase shouldn't present any problems, but changing it with the intention of allowing more images to be posted would be meaningless if users with lots of images quickly hit the space limit. Any change would have to be with a view to a certain degree of future proofing.
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