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Just caught the ep.

Pity that Mami didn't come back...

A nice epsidoe that leads into the rest of the series. I'm a bit surprised that Madoka didn't become a magical girl this episode. Sayaka's decision doesn't surprise me.

As for Kyuubeh, I'm still not too sold on the evil idea. He did show up pretty conveniently near Sayaka, but then judging from what she said before, he could have teleported or something. madoka's thing is a bit more complicated. Kyuubeh could have been setting things up but it could have been coincidence. Still can't tell.

And again, more evidence that Homura is a time traveler. Not just her reaction with Madoka but the way she reacted when she saw Sayaka, as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

New magical girl seems...practical. Is it that once a magical girl becomes unable to be a magical girl, their wish is revoked?

One more thing, Sayaka was being pretty insensitive with Kamijou, wasn't she?

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