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Aw c'mon the MOVIE 1st wasn't that bad, considering that is a movie, scenes being cutted are to be expected. also EMOHA didn't show up so much in the movie, it was in the manga were Tsuzuki expanded more on that, yup the StrikerS treatement feel it in the more serious atmosphere which made me feel uneasy for a couple of minutes(save for Arisa and Yuuno, no one in the movie did any funny face save for the classic scene when Yuune reveal his true form to Nanoha, glad that they left that intact xD), but as a MOVIE they decided o focus primarly in the action and Fate's backstory, thus dropping a bit the funny or cheeful aspects of the story.

I'll think they can do a good A's MOVIE because A's is mostly action(much more than S1) and Nanoha's part of the story can be easily compressed, leaving space for more Wolkenriotter/Gil Graham developement.
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