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Originally Posted by Snork View Post
The question implies "how much credibility does this synopsis hold?"
Of course, 2ch is known for its qurks...
Actually, that synopsis is not from 2ch, but from a site selling the manga.

As for making a sequel. To be honest, I don't think it's that easy. Madoka Magica had a clear end. While the ending made it clear that the story keeps moving for the remaining magical girls, the main plot on Madoka Magica along with its them are fully finished and wrapped up. Moreover, most of the fandom found the ending to be satisfying.

So, whilst I'm sure many fans would like more, trying to add more (for the staff's point of view) would be rather dangerous. Madoka Magica didn't have a happy end. Of course, compared to how people expected this anime to end, the actual ending wasn't as dark. In fact, due to over-the-top scenes like Madoka going god-mode and all the times it was said hope is good and shouldn't be given up, it felt rather happy. However, the fact remains nothing much really changed and that MGs still go through a lot of hardship. Trying to make a sequel and trying to make it as interesting as the first season, would definitely require more dark elements and twists here and there. So, it'd probably be hard to keep the compromise that was met during Madoka Magica's ending.

I'm not saying a sequel is improbable, but it'd require much more and really careful planning, in my opinion. A prequel, on the other hand, would require less planning, and it would allow us to see an interesting story (within the previous one) while allowing is to see more development for characters that really could have used more of it like Mami and Kyouko. In addition, we can see more of Homura being awesome.
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