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If it is a prequel I don't know how much Homura we'll be able to see. I was under the impression that from the moment she wakes up in the hospital until she has to go to school not much time passes (a week or two maybe?).

I agree that sequel requires a lot of planning. And that is what I expect from a sequel. Otherwise we get horrible results that are best forgotten.
But it is the same for prequels, if they are not careful there can be contradictions with the "main" plot. And that is not good either. In either case the writers & co. must already have had a clear idea by the time the main plot was shown.

I can't see why a sequel to Madoka must be equally dark. It must be equally interesting and well thought, that's all. Now, about the fans, if they did plan on making this manga more or less at the same time as the series, then they did not have any fans at the beginning.
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