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Its highly unlikely that Kyoko directly encountered it (seeing as, you know, she's still alive)
The knowledge of WN also seems to include the necessity for Puellae Magi to team up against her. Presumably, someone did it before and lived to tell the tale. So even if WN can't be defeated, maybe it can be driven away.

Really? I did not know it was a certainty...
Well, to an extent, I guess. She said to Kyuubey: "Even my magic will be of use to you". Meaning she can probably foresee some events at will. We have yet to see if it's helpful in battle, of course... As well as her actual weapon and fighting style.

maybe she misinterpreted her vision and her solution (girl) was actually the cause (WN).
my biggest suspicion for now. Although we don't know yet how exaclty she interpreted the girl she saw. A gambit may be pending...

what kind of lige must a girl have had to become such a thing?
It once occurred to me that based on speculahs about WN's compilative nature, she might be not even a witch but indeed something that is born from the collective grief of witches. Maybe there was a witch whose nature is accumulating all this grief and manifesting it, or maybe it just inevitably happens on its own. Although the latter leaves us with a disturbing point in mind: if WN is a natural process of merging witches... can the same be pulled off with... demons?
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