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Interplay is nothing like the big multiplat publishers of today, they were the kings of the wild wild west of video gaming but much like Lucas Arts they had not secured the power of console gaming and the casual market that games currently cover. The market at that time was even less mature, and you sure as hell couldn't sustain yourself with movie tie in games that could keep you a float if you only published like 10 games a year. Currently though EA, Activision, Ubisoft all want to rape the consumer, on top of their triple A titles they have a lot of filler that continues to make them money mind you the quality or lack of consumer rights these products have, hell Square Enix still pumps out crap ff sequel after ff sequel, my point is Interplay and the current generation of Devs are highly different, their business model is highly different. From a PC gamers perspective the lack of second hand sales isn't that big of a deal, but when it comes to funding my console gaming habit, second hand sales is what makes me buy games, I just can't see paying for single player games especially for full retail after a year and a half after they have come out, and on top of that if i buy used i have to shill out another 20-30 bucks for dlc that would have probably made the game the disc.

Also your comment about gamers and "hardcore gamers" is absolutely wrong, these companies listen to where the money is, and the money is not in the hardcore gaming sector. Why? Because hardcore gamers buy less games, buy better games, expect better games, and overall are much harder to please. Your anual spiderman crapfest game is not going to appeal to the hardcore, maybe something that is well done like Spiderman II but then again thats about the hardcore, they expect good games. If any business took on the model to appeal to the "hardcore" or the "elite" we wouldn't see garbage like transformers at the box office.
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