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Honestly though Yuri and Yaoi aren't just the same plots with boy and boy, and girl on girl. Yuri is basically just Moe tearfest with the dull male lead taken out, and yaoi is just Shoujo. So in the modern sense Yuri is Seinen, and Yaoi is Josei. Yaoi is so big, I expect, because seinen encompasses a much wider range of genres then Josei, while Josei is almost always drama and romance. Josei has a much higher output of Drama and Romance then Seinen Romance, so naturally that's going to have the knock on effect of more Yaoi.
As I said before, NO. The English Wikipedia says that Josei is a demographic group whilst BL is a genre, but I'd say they're different but somewhat overlapping subgenres that can come under 'shoujo manga' (see translator Matt Thorn's comments on this). Stop trying to simplify things so much.

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Take Harry Potter, for example. Many weren't pleased with Harry/Ginny because of the above, and many wondered which girl would be the best for Harry.
OT...but seriously, was Ginny/Harry really that much of a surprise?

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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