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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Yuri takes on moe characteristics, and Yaoi takes on the characteristics of more conventional smut manga (IE male being superior and forceful, female being subdued, being generally sexually explicit).
Now this is just really simplifying on both genres, but I'll just say why on BL part, since uhh... I plead the third for not reading much GL for a while

Really though, I always think that it depends on the authors a lot of the time (and how their editors are... Uhhh, passionate enough or sweet enough, I guess). If you use yaoi in the sense of the mindless smut (can we call it smut when it's really graphic? ) PwP if you want it, then yes, I can agree on the point you're trying to say.

But if you put it as general BL works, then that's where I strongly objects. A lot of authors didn't do only that: Nakamura Asumiko loves her pshychological josei-licious babbles, Natsume Isaku just have this weird tendency to create fuzzy feelings with bitchings, Hidaka Shouko's more than likely puts forward "how to develop things" when she has the space, Takarai Rihito's works put mind into ease (technically she never create R18 stuffs, kinda like Abe Miyuki ), Konohara Narise is... Konohara Narise (aka, splitting people's heart with knives and beautifulness), and many more.

And these authors also have a lot of devoted fans, in the respective series where everyone just blush because of the sweetness. Of course, the more... Ahem, graphic ones are also popular, blame perverts in all of us.

Really, a lot of this authors just have the tendency not to portray "sex as hot thing", and put it as rather a twist to relationships and all. Although to an extent, I feel you're kind of undermining the josei demographic really liking the so-called conventional smut... (This is my reading of your post though, feel free to correct me~)

(By~ The~ Way, I'm not talking in slashing fandom, but on the core BL fandoms, though not really the Western fandom part. I have to say that the preconception that every fujoshis like their BL sexy, while easily understandable, just is not all the reason why we like BL works/relationships...)

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