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Originally Posted by Akito_Kinomoto View Post
I wonder if making NanoFate canon would actually do more harm than good. I mean, if they became an item people might be less inclined to make nice fanart and doujins, and then where would we be?!
I can make my peace and move on if they do. However, the whole shipping tease and the unbearable attitude of the more fanatical NxF shippers are only some of the reasons why I am drifting further away from the Nanoha fandom. If anything, this shipping tease is pretty much a sign of the writer not daring enough to take his brainchild to directions that the genre have never explored before. "I'll kill Vita............ NOT." I have seen it with Nanoha, I am seeing it with Dog Days. Now I'll drop the subject but I am willing to discuss it through PM or in the public profile board.
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