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Originally Posted by Akito_Kinomoto View Post
With that said, I'm really enjoying most of the responses so far. But I find it rather odd that the animation studios haven't taken the initiative to produce more yaoi when the manga side seems to be doing 4th place-ish fine. Failing that, I wonder if they'd get a clue and stop making all of their yuri implied or secondary when you'd get a lot more people who prefer it being the point more than an afterthought, like myself.
I think that the issue is that it's a large, but ultimately very niche fanbase. If you made yaoi you'd only get Fujioshi buying into it. Whereas if you make a mecha show with heavily implied BL undertones (COUGH, Gundam 00 COUGH), then you can get both fujioshi AND mech heads. Multidemographic appeal! The problem with Yaoi is that it's very love it or hate it, so if you ever make it, it'll never have any popularity outside it's core audience.

That said, a lot of Otaku Bait "harem" shows would have similiarly narrow appeal, however I'd say the male Otaku demographic is a much more proven spender then the fujioshi side.
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