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Maybe calling it info dump was overstatement.
However I really didn't like the whole merchant part. It was just boring as fuc, I was wondering if I should read the chat parts or not, which I skipped.
It was supposed to be a battle of wits to work out the best deal, yet for me it was just one boring snozefest, with them talking and talking and talking and fucin talking.
So as I said I gave it a 5/10, boring ep is boring.
Guy being a girl wasn't really some revelation, besides the usual magical cloaks hidding supper 100+ breasts no problem, making them look as flat as a washboard. Even Horizon hitting the balls was boring, as was the robot arms girl trying to shave the guy. I just hope next eps will be more interesting.

Season 1 seemed more interesting for me, dunno why.
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