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Originally Posted by Dynellen View Post
Anyone up for some translating?
not an actual translation. But this is an adequate explanation posted on /a
>Meat goes bad in 14 days
>England needs 7 days to process all the meat
>The later Musashi sells, the less money they'll get for it
>By holding a festival, England is going through their own supplies twice as fast, so meat will be worth more to them (?)
>England starts off by giving festival for only 3 days, which is not enough for them to process, but a good place for them to bargain from
>11 days (7 days festival, 4 days prep.) is the break-even point for Musashi, where any less days they would lose money because they'd be selling the meat late and England would place a higher value on it
>Shirojiro negotiates and bows his way to 9 days, still better for England, in addition to better transportation of supplies and more places to set up booths for other items to sell
>Then he calls the bluff and says "no, three days is fine", knowing that England can't do shit with all the meat in three days
>This basically tells the Howard "give me a better deal or you guys will end up sitting on a ton of expired meat"
>He increases his 9 days offer up to 10 days (6 for festival, 4 for prep.)
>Shirojiro says that working that long with no breaks is too unreasonable, and 1 day off in-between would be better (11 days now, which is Musashi's break-even)
>They then even offer three "hostages"/ambassadors from Musashi
>Compensates by adding one more festival and one more prep. day
>Total: 13 days
>7 days of the festival, which means that England can purchase all the meat on the first day and have enough time to process before it expires
>The total 13 days of festival means that England will have gone through almost a whole months supply of meat, so the meat they are buying is even more valuable since only some of it is needed for the Armada, and the rest will go back to "everyday supplies"
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