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Originally Posted by articuzwolf View Post
there are few questions regarding of this episode
  • why Futayo suddenly attacking Toori in the begining of the episode?
  • what is this Hasiba that Felipe mentioned to Gin? is it Muneshige real Surname?
  • why Muneshige severed Gin's arms, what kind of sick psycho do that to a girl
  • who is this Milton that Mary's mentioned?

anyway 8/10 still justified enough for this episode

1) Probably because Toori was going "HORRIIZZZOOONNNN ♥!!!!" And would end up disturbing her rest.

2) Apparently, the Hashiba are the ruling family of M.H.R.R.

3) I certainly hope they meant it metaphorically.

4) Most likely that Kobold who squared Tenzou in the balls with that rock.
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