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Mai Hime Role Playing Game Character Stats Writeups

As a(n on topic) flight of fancy, and as prepatory practice for the Role-Playing game campaign I'm about to run, I'm doing a selection of writeups for Mai-Hime characters as Role-Playing Character Sheets.

Feel Free to contribute your version of characters with your choice of systems. But make sure to do a quick blurb of how the rules work so that the stats make sense to the un-initiated.

I will start with the rule of the Simple-Yet-Elegant Cult-Favourite Game, Story Engine, work my way through to the upcoming Big Eyes Small Mouth Third Edition, D20 System and eventually full Fledged and Complex Hero System writeups.

Story Engine Overview.

Each character has a set of descriptors, ranging from simple ones like "Charming", "Fast", "Bad Tempered" "Lucky" to complex ones like "Hungry Like The Wolf", "A Lifelong Fan of The Red Socks Baseball Team", "Swift as the wind" to "Cute As A button. Unlike of ther RPGS, you get to chose whatever descriptor you like.

Each is assigned one of the four following Aspects: Mind. Matter. Spirit. Chaos.

When called to perform a task, the Storyteller assigns a number of Odds you must roll over, that is, a number of odd numbers you must roll with multiple six sided dice. The difficulty ranges from ridiculously simple (1 odd) to Impossible (9 odds)

Each Descriptor gives you a single dice, so its best if your work together with teammates to get multiple dice. For every "One" you roll, you get to roll an additional die, and over again each time you roll a one, so no matter how seemingly hard a task is, ANYONE has a chance to succeed.

Edit: Note However, that even if you don't have an appropriate descriptor, you can STILL try any action because you automatically get a single dice no matter what action you perform. That dosen't mean you'll necessarily succeed, as shown in the cooking-competition fiasco.

You may "burn" appropriate descriptors to get an extra die for that scene by dramatically describing how you are tapping into your aspect (EG. "Yukino-Chan is so So Painfully Cute that you can't help but believe her. " "Okay, you get an extra die for this scene.") You can only burn a paticular descriptor ONCE a scene.

Now, each Affinity, that is, as skill or familiarity (EG. "French Culture." "Fencing" "Cooking" Seduction") can convert a single die into an automatic oddd. Primary Affinities are familiarities that only ever give you one automatic odd (EG. I am Chinese) But secondary affinities are skills that have varying degrees of mastery. A weak secondary affinity gives you one auto odd, a fair one two odds, and a strong one three.

Edit: Note that Items can have affinities also, such as "Sharp Sword (Strong)" "Night Vision Goggles (Fair)" and "Armor Piercing Rounds (Weak)" that can give you automatic odds, and can be burnt to give you an extra die for a scene.

Combat is Resolved by each side rolling their respective dice, and whomever has the more odds wins, and subtracts health levels equally divided amongst the losing sides by the amount of however many odds they won by.

For the sake of this thread, each begining character of equal importance to the story receives:

Four Descriptors (Three Positive Qualities, One Negative)
Two Primary Affinities (One Cultural, The Other A Supernatural Power)
Three Levels Of Secondary Affinities.

Now Onto The Frist Writeup.

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