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Since He Will Be Relevant To The Gameplay example to follow, Here's Our Favourite Metal Pup....

Dhuran (Episodes 1-24) : Story Engine Version.

Canine Child


Graceful Ferocity (Matter)
Loyal To Natsuki (Soul)
Fast As Lightning (Matter)
Hauntingly Elegant (Soul)
Devastating Firepower (Chaos)

Primary Affinities

Child Powers
Tough As Nails (Duran Receives Twice Amount Of Health Levels Per Injury Category)
Ballistic Catridges (Chrome, Silver, Flash, ETC. All at STRONG level affinity)

Secondary Affinities

Ballistic Combat (Strong)
Close Combat (Weak)
Evasion (Mild)
Protecting Hime (Strong)

Bear in mind that as it is more than likely Dhuran has lived for centuries serving under different masters, he would have aquired much more experience and is hence more powerful than a begining character would be.
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