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OK, dude, you made Kagutsuchi more powerful than a Balor. The freaking Obsidian Lord would run from a Balor. A Balor would kill every Child without breaking a sweat at the same time. A Balor could end the entire HiME world while beating four archmages at chess. Also, you've come up with this thing with Death Throes that is not really supported by the anime (yes, I do know where you got it from), and it makes the thing next to impossible to CR as anything that can actually beat it will almost certainly die in the end. With that kind of damage dealing power, its CR becomes something gigantic, like 35, and then its HD is remarkably low.

Then again, I remember in an argument with my friend we determined that a HiME or Child cannot have a CR simply because a HiME is a creature with an ability to summon something of significantly higher CR than itself. Mai is probably 1 Expert/1 Warrior by the end of the series, with fairly low (certainly no bonus) constitution. She'd have like 11 HP, and if a level 9 wizard (Kagutsuchi would wipe this guy off the planet) casts Magic Missile, she'd take 5d4+5 and almost certainly die instantly, and Kagutsuchi then dies as well. To a single level 9 wizard.

Myself, while I never bothered to fully stat them, I'd put the Mai-HiME characters around here:

Obsidian Lord - Advanced Gelugon disembodied for posession (CR18)
MIYU - High HD construct with int score and high abilities. Hard to place HD due to Construct rules (CR~16)
Nagi - 14 Fiendish Human Sorcerer [Greater Teleport is a 7th level spell, and could be MUCH higher given how frequently and liberally he uses it] (CR15)
Kagutsuchi (CR13)/Mai - 1 Expert/1 Warrior (CR1)
Mikoto's Child [forgot name] (CR12) [lower than Kagutsuchi because Kagutsuchi would be more difficult for a standard party to fight]/Mikoto - 4 Barbarian (CR4)
Kyohime (CR12)/Shizuru - 2 Fighter [she knows what she's doing] (CR2)
Vlas (CR10) [forces Will, so higher CR]/Yukariko - 1 Warrior (CR1/2)
Shiho's thing [forgot its name] (CR10)/Shiho - 1 Commoner (CR1/3) [Ha ha]
Gakutenou (CR10)/Midori - 3 Warrior [strong but improvised] (CR2)
Gennai (CR9)/Akira - 4 Rogue [she knows what she's doing]
Duran (CR9)/Natsuki - 4 Fighter [Trained] (CR4)
Julia (CR9)/Nao - 3 Rogue (CR3) [I am not saying Nao is more experienced than Shizuru, but Rogue levels are much easier to get in our world than Fighter levels]
Diana (CR8) [limited power]/Yukino - 2 Expert

Not enough information:
Fumi/Mashiro - Impossible to call due to lack of usage
Akane/Harry - Gone too quickly, but probably CR 9 or 10

I would stat all Childs as Outsiders with the Native subtype. Their essence is from the likely conterminate slightly Lawful Evil Plane of Fuka, but they were "born" in the Material Plane. This is what makes a Native Outsider, and it wouldn't make much sense if they were able to be banished to the Land of Fuka with any spell. In general, they would have lower than usual Constitution with higher than usual Charisma and Strength (Mai series characters in general seem to be very offensive oriented), since Childs could never take very much punishment in relation to their damage-dealing capabilities.

Also, I'd make a Child subtype that had all the restrictions and benefits associated with what a Child is according to the series.
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