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20 Outsider HD? True Seeing? 12d6 Flaming Body? 400 damage Death Throes? 42 Dexterity? 28 Intelligence? 48 Charisma?

I'm sorry, I don't think I read that right.


Come, now. I'm not a complete efficionado with D&D, but I have been playing for 4 years, and I have been a DM for months. At a level like that, Kagutsuchi would be taking down Balors left and right. There is no evidence to support most, if not all, of the listed Supernatural and Extraordinary abilities.

Considering that we've never seen Kagutsuchi die, we can neither confirm nor deny its Death Throes, despite no evidence to the affirmative. But how, may I ask, would it do more damage than a Balor's? The Balor, a living testament to fury of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss, put to shame by a human girl's servant? The same can be said of this 12d6 flaming body. Both abilities are at least twice as strong as the abilities of the same name and function of the Balor, a being of living dark fire. Not only do these abilities leave the Balor in the dust, but Kagutsuchi is revived in 1d4 rounds.

True Seeing? Where would you get that? The only invisible creature in Mai-HiME was Yukino's Child (the name escapes me), and I don't think it ever fought Kagutsuchi.

Those ability scores are FAR too high for any creature. I don't see any mental ability scores exceeding around 40, including Gods, outside of Dice Freaks. With 28 intelligence, and an alignment like Mai's, I'm pretty certain that it would have been able to outsmart the entire festival on its own, communicate this to Mai, and avoid the fighting all together. I doubt it even has an intelligence score, since it either acts on instinct (fighting what it believes to be a threat) or according to Mai's orders, when they don't interfere with its stronger instincts, such as blowing up Mikoto.

With 48 Charisma, it would command everything. This is almost twice a Great Red Wyrm's charisma score. Even a 61 HD Advanced Great Red Wyrm is statted in the Broken Level Handbook as having 32 charisma. No human nor Child would be able to withstand its sheer aura. This, I'm sure led to your reasoning for Aura of Menace. However, this Aura is completely unsupported by the series, since most characters were quite able to act against it. It easily could be a dragon's frightful presence, but this exceeds anything even remotely plausible for a Child, or any non-epic creature, for that matter.

In accordance with high intelligence and its Mai-like alignment, the dexterity score should have allowed it to re-direct the breath weapon away from Mikoto when Mai commanded it to do so.

The Breath Weapon is a completely reasonable ability with completely unreasonable stats. 44d6? This is more powerful than Hellball, an epic spell with a spellcraft DC of 90. The only evidence for this was blowing a stream through the island, which would be easily accomplishable by a level 10 wizard casting Lightning Bolt. In order to have an average damage of 44d6 (154), you would have to advance a Great Red Wyrm by 2 virtual age categories, making it a major epic creature, which Kagutsuchi, at your generous 20 HD, is clearly not.

Originally Posted by Tremalkinger
No method of perminently killing Kagutsuchi is known at this time.
This takes the cake. This makes Kagutsuchi a literal God. Not only is it broken, but it destroys any form of canon, since Kagutsuchi is easily killable. Not only did it have a rather hard time with Duran and Shiho's Child, but it has a gigantic weak point: Mai.

But, wait a second...

Originally Posted by Tremalkinger
Carry HiME (Ex): Kagutsuchi may carry its HiME at no penalty to its attacks. She is immune to its Aura of Menace and Flaming Body effects, as well as being unable to be targeted by attacks from outside sources. She suffers no damage from area of effect spells, nor any damage from environmental effects such as the vacuum of space.
Thus, it is completely unbeatable, debalancing the entire series. Not only was it evenly matched with the other Childs in the manga, it is outdone by Kyohime's physical attributes in the anime. The only things that could put a stop to it would be Temporal Stasis and Imprisonment, which would be difficult to use, due to its saving throws. If these stats were true, the Gods would chase it down and destroy it before it debalanced the universe.

I like Mai-HiME as much as the next guy, but this is ludicrous. Unless the Childs are Gods by their own right, this is utterly inaccurate.

Oh, and by the way, no creature can take Superior Initiative unless it has 21 or more HD.
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