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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Personally, 60fps can be seen just whenever something moves- and once you've seen it, you cannot unsee
Bah! They say the same about retina display or just apple products in general. There is a name for people getting "symptoms" of things that otherwise either have no effect (eg. wind mill sickness... when you're 100km away) or have a very very insignificant effect compared to what people perceive (different =/= superior, eg. mobile devices, laptop oriented workflows, retina, super sharp textures in games, etc—often these are also generalized as improvements, when depending on context they may actually be regressions), or it has a real effect but to YOU it actually shouldn't have an effect (or in your circumstances it shouldn't) even though you think it does, it's called mass psychogenic illness. Essentially if you feel sick about X then you have a chance of spreading that "sickness" to others, even though your sickness might just be all in your head; there are many documented cases and it's somewhat troublesome. Consider for a moment how a lot of these so called "[wide spread] problems" became a problem when they wanted to sell it to you or when a certain part of the community needed to brag about their "superior [more expensive] tech" and if you truly feel it makes that much of a difference to you when you ignore outside "opinion" then by all means, suffer away...
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