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Seriosuly, drawing is tedious. Sure it takes only 10 minutes as you say, but that's ten minutes of doing a simple thing. You have to admit, drawing magic is BORING. When something is boring, it always seems to take more time than it actually does.

And I also disagree with FFVIII being simpler. There's actually a high amount of customizability in FF8, with all the stat bonuses. You can make Squall a mage type and deprave him of Str and Def and pump his Mag and Spi. Junctioning powerful magic to his strength can get his Str back up there, but then you've wasted a powerful magic for that, which could've been on another, more deserving stat. FF8 has got to be one of the easiest FF's to get over 50% of stats at 255 though.
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