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Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post

Man, I was randomly checking up on the site, and I suddenly became very apprehensive.

The director is Masakazu Obara, which is VERY good. Given his affiliation with Mai-Hime, I'm guessing Studio 8 from Sunrise will do this, and with the current amazing record of Horizon, I'm sure the animation will be top notch.


Series composition is Hiroyuki Yoshino, not sure how I feel about this. He's like on the opposite end of the spectrum for me. Either I love him or I hate him to the core.
Why do people keep hiring this person? He's almost incomprehensibly terrible at his job.

Also this weird faction of Sunrise that seems to be into producing shows that the rest of the company probably wouldn't even touch and seems to enjoy using the worst staff and concepts possible is just about the most puzzling thing about this company ever since Mai-Hime came around. Granted I thought they'd shit the bed completely with Horizon given how it looked and that's turned out okay so far, but there's just no way anything survives a Hiroyuki Yoshino treatment as far as I'm concerned. The man simply cannot write a decent cast to save his life and every inclination he has had on how to tell a story that I've seen throughout his career has been dead wrong....though maybe he can be bested by existing source material.
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