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Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama View Post
Why do people keep hiring this person? He's almost incomprehensibly terrible at his job.
Not if you look at sales. Code Geass, Macross F, and Mai Hime/Otome are all major hits. Guilty Crown seems like the first series he's going stumble in sales with, and I have a suspicion that Amazon is understating its sales.

Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post
If Horizon get a season 2, it has to be at least 24 episodes, else ... there will be massive repercussions. I don't think we will see it until next year Fall again the very earliest. This leaves Spring or Summer for Accel World ... at least that's my current prediction.
Well, we already know that Horizon is split cour, but given that there hasn't been any press statement about when season two will air yet and if it were going to be aired in Spring they probably would have announced it at the get go, I have a feeling that Horizon S2 will air in the summer. That would make sense because having a two-season gap would mean that S2 will be 2-cour, if we take what they did with Gundam 00 as any indication. And AW is already confirmed for Spring (I'm guessing SAO will air in Summer). That being the case though, if studio 8 really are the ones producing this then we really might not see Horizon S2 until Fall unless they're really good at splitting work.
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