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Originally Posted by fazri View Post
hallo i'm new in these treat.
nice to meet you all.
i have some question. there any summary like on dxd treat that created by zzhk? that true that this series will get 24 episode anime?
3.until the latest vol how many girl that fall for yuuta?
4.until ep 24 how much vol will get covered?from what i see til ep 7 vol 1 still haven't finised,if only 12 ep i think the anime will only cover vol 1 only.
The first one goes also for the other guy who asked for summaries.
1- In this same thread they have been nice enough to give us summaries of all the volumes (at least until v8 I think) so go to the first pages and go reading the spoilers .. or it could be best to read the whole thread since it isn't that long.
2- AFAIK it will be 12 ep, but not sure.
Spoiler for Girls:

4- It seems as if it will cover only vol1 (and it is 12 eps AFAIK)
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