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Wow, although you only read EP1 you really have good theories. I wish I could follow Umineko like that... sadly I read EP1-EP4 in one go and also watched the anime BEFORE that, so I really missed a lot of the theorizing. That makes it all the more interesting to read your theories. I still remember that one thing I noticed while I was reading EP1 myself, was that the only one who really tried or "could" determine someone's "life or death state" was Nanjo. I still wonder why no one was smart enough to simply try to measure the corpse's pulse rate.

Anyway, I remember that I was very convinced that Nanjo was a "keypoint". Was he telling the truth or was he lying when he was talking about the corpses? I was not making any real theories about the culprit at that moment though, because, as I said, I was reading through all first four Episodes in one go.

Well there actually was still one thing that bothered me in Episode 1: At the end, shortly before "the game ended", Battler was seeing someone next to Maria. Was he seeing that person for real? Was that really the culprit? Why did the story "suddenly" end? Was Battler killed at that moment? I was really clueless about that scene, same as it was with the anime, if not even more extreme. And then there was the tea party where we see "Beatrice" for the first time in some kind of "after show", where everybody acted as if nothing happened, while happily discussing the results of the "game". The VN did a really good job at making me feel confused, even though I already saw the anime.

Anyway, good luck with the next Episodes! I really look forward to see what your next theories will be!
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