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Originally Posted by Blazer-X View Post
Or... they could have just left it to two generations. Asemu's character was already shaping up to be a semi-Vagan sympathizer (at least with regards to Zeheart). And most importantly, we are given a very solid reason why: the development of their friendship through Mobile Suit Club.

On the other hand, Kio comes along and in two episodes, completely forgets which side of the war he is fighting on, just because of a shoe-horned plot device known as Lu.

If they wanted to be realistic, all they needed was Asemu vs Flit. Hell, by the end of the series, Asemu just ended up on Kio's side most of the time anyway. We didn't really need BOTH Asemu and Kio to argue with Flit. Having a young adult Asemu and a Flit in his 50s would have made much better story-telling.
I completely agree. Could have been done much better with just the two generations and the conflict between Asemu and Flit. Kio was completely unnecessary except they really wanted to do this "3 generations, 3 destinies" nonsense.

Asemu really did set things up rather well. A time skip forward would have been fine if they kept the focus there. Heck, they could have turned the finale into an actual Asemu vs. Flit showdown with Flit still getting that scene with Yurin and the others.

Could have been good, but not meant to happen I suppose.
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