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And why it only been enforce on Musashi and not any other country?
Once upon a time, the Far East, once called the Divine States, ruled the entirety of the Japanese archipelago. Meanwhile, the Harmonic Divine States are located elsewhere. These two parties recreate history with peace.

However, during the recreation of the Nanboku-cho War, the device that keeps the land of the Harmonic Divine States stable suddenly went missing, and the Harmonic Divine States came crashing down on the Japanese archipelago.

After a war that overwhelmed Japan (the Harmonic Unification War), the "criminals who destroyed the Harmonic Divine States" were stripped of its military might and the original Divine States were handed to the leaders of the Harmonic Divine States. Of course, history dictates that Japan still existed at that time, so instead of completely conquering Japan, a small portion was allotted to it, now called the Far East.

Far East exists only for the sake of history recreation, and is otherwise just the puppet of the Testament Union... until 1648 TE.
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