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Wished I watched it all in one go instead of waiting weekly.

The concept of the story wasn't bad, but the way it was executed was beyond terrible. Flit's arc had the most character development in the series and thus the only memorable characters outside of the big three (<3 wolf/grodek). But the pacing of the first ten episodes made me question if I should even bother with this series as it seemed more like random adventures. Once the pace picked up I was finding myself liking the story.

The Asemu arc was the best one imo, even though the way they ended that arc felt way too rushed. Watching Asemu go from being a selfish insecure brat to fighting with a purpose was done nicely. Having an actual antagonist who was older than six and a faster pace with lots of battles was what made this arc for me. But thats not to say this arc was perfect, they sacrificed character development for everyone besides Asemu/Zeheart, Romary had illogical moments and Asemu marrying Romary (seriously wtf?? lol).

The kio arc was trash. It started off well, but introducing characters and wasting time telling us of their past only to kill them off in an episode or two was so pointless. While our "hero" Kio cared more about the enemy than those who were fighting with him, he flat out refused to kill but when that kid he met on mars dies, he is ready to kill . So overall in this arc you have close to no character development (besides the diva captain), a pilot who causes more casualties to his side than the enemy, random characters getting focused on then dying and the worst ending imaginable. I'm not going to bother going into detail on what was wrong with the way it ended. Only saving grace for this arc was the Diva going out with a bang and a young Flit seeing his old companions, captain and mom.

Overall 3/10. Inconsistent and a horrible ending ruined a cool idea. Down there with the trash that was seed destiny.
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