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Originally Posted by bones View Post
Been a while since I've posted here, too busy playing Mass Effect 3. About the whole Evil Pieces thing, does the pieces you use and the amount used differ from person to person. For example the more powerful you are the amount and type of pieces needed differs?
Originally, it appeared to be that the number of pieces consumed only depended on the person being resurrected / converted into a devil. However, when Rossweisse the valkyrie was converted with a single Rook, it was mentioned as a recent discovery that unused Evil Pieces undergo changes as the master develops. So the whole truth is unknown.

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well if a contract is the only thing needed and superior beings are allowed.... Ophis can become Ise's familiar, that way she wont have to be significantly powered down to become one of his pieces and be able to join his harem (thought that would cause too many problems...)
The usual problem is why would a superior being agree to become a familiar and acknowledge you as the master. Though Ise seems to have that covered. We haven't been shown whether familiars are usable in Rating Games or not, so if they aren't, then Ophis joining as a familiar would not affect game balance.

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I don't understand what you gys are saying "potentially" leaving.
You said Asia, Zenovia, and Koneko have the potential to leave Rias' group.
But to me they seem like the least likely to leave the group, so I'm not getting what you guys mean by "potentially leaving"

What do you mean she already used her 8 pawns?
If the person who held the piece dies, they are reusable right? So what do you mean she already used her pawns?
People are talking about Exchanges. When Ise begins his own group, many of Rias' current servants would want to follow him by having him exchange his pieces with Rias. Again, just because Ise CAN start his own group once he promotes to high class, doesn't mean he has to do so straight away.

There is no mention about the reusability of Evil Pieces at this point. One would think their power is consumed by the process of resurrection. The full implications of the 8 Pawn pieces returning should be explained in Volume 12.
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