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Originally Posted by Gene098 View Post
I've been looking st the comments about everyone becoming high rank devils and getting peerage.

But I feel like if the girls do so and they happen to get their own team maybe Asia, Akeno will have guys in their team and possibly be taken by their own servants as Ise did with Rias.....Gets me kinda depressed thinking like...


Asia will join issei along with ravel, zenovia, and potentially koneko

The Girls love issei something like "that" WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

okay*calms down* anyway something like this is impossible so don't think like that okay

zzhk@ I really dobt ophis can become a familiar because it seems to fit more for animals and/or beasts and even though i whant Tiamat to turn into a beautiful women it's never been confirmed if she can

and what game balance?

From what i've seen theres no balance of power i mean Sairanburg...

1. has a SG as a pawn

2.Can completely bust through barriers with a single punch

3. can probably take out a mountain with a singe punch(i can really see him do this)

To me A seriously weakened ophis would only even things out

and sorry if this sounded argumentative but this is merely my opinion on the subject
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