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Originally Posted by zzhk View Post
I should emphasize again that just because Ise can begin his own group if he promotes, doesn't mean he will start a new group immediately.

Since Rias has her sights on Emperor Belial in the Rating Game, I don't think Ise is going to start his own group (and partially absorb Rias' group in the process) until he completes Rias' dreams of succeeding in the Rating Game. Then Rias can sit back and relax and raise kids while Ise sets off on his harem king dream of creating a harem that won't lose to anyone in the Rating Game. Though this seems such a long journey it sounds like it is going a bit beyond "High School" DxD.
I understand what you're saying but issei can still help Rias while getting his pieces and he doesen't need to look for them since they'll all come to him.

And isen't Rias still young to officially join the Rating game?(or am i mistaken)

if so then this gives him plenty of time to find pieces before even needing to help her.
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