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Originally Posted by AvianWing View Post
Well, similar to GS & GSD, the characters reeks of incredibility. How does Lelouch figure out the extent of his ability only after a single test? (He hasn't narrowed anything down and jumped to conclusion immediately).
Is there anything about the geass that needs to be proven more than once? And the characters from Death Note are even more rediculous.

How can an individual undermine an entire military structure so easily?
He controls everyone, gets them to turn off their security, and kills Clovis. How would he get caught without any guards or security stopping him?

So far, Code Geass has targetted the audience from GS, and I don't see any deviation anytime near. To sum up the main characters, Suzaku is a naive idiot (many people have pointed this out before me) and Lelouch is a mastermind who needs a reality check (zero's costume pretty much epitomizes his absurdity).
Well, this is an anime series. It's bound to hit a cliche like that at some point. Besides, it's merely for dramatic effect. I mean, if he dressed up like a normal person, he wouldn't seem nearly as threatening.

Episode four is rather decent, and it would be greater had it not for the pseudo-politics. I don't suppose Sunrise will ever withdraw from the unrealistic scenario now that it has become a fad and generate more dollars than any other trend it has ever created. Still, it is a great series if the politics aren't taken seriously or if people want a break from all that neural firing.
When was the last time any anime series had realistic politics?

Anyway, I thought episode 4 was pretty good. Lelouch's weird costume really didn't fit too well with the rest of the series, but like I said, it was merely for dramatic effect.
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