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Originally Posted by darkman.exe213
Is there anything about the geass that needs to be proven more than once? And the characters from Death Note are even more rediculous.
How about what kind of requests work? Lelouch basically said the same thing twice, then he concluded that it won't work on the same person twice. For all we know, it can work the second time if he said something differently as well. I won't argue with you about Death Note, seeing as how people easily categorize another as a fanboy/girl of another series when in fact that person is just raising an argument.

He controls everyone, gets them to turn off their security, and kills Clovis. How would he get caught without any guards or security stopping him?
Again, another person who slights the organization of military. Well, why not? They exist in shows to be destroyed to demonstrate how uber a character is. First, the military leaks out information to the super hacker of some sort. Then, the uber dude somehow manages to infiltrate directly to the coordinator. Somehow, the military lacks the area control and feedback system in a state of emergency and the personnel never shoots until they can see the outsider's eyes (which just so happens that everyone is looking at Lelouch at the same time).

Well, you made a great point about how this is only an anime. I guess I looked too much into things... I do feel sorry for the adults, though, cause they are somehow over-ridden by the hormone-filled, emo-based teens running around with dangerous weapons in their hands. That sounded like a bash, didn't it? I guess I basically spelled my own doom. Criticism does not make a series bad; in fact, I had to be interested in this show in the first place to analyze it.
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