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>> Lulu should have just yelled back that [...]

That's a tad unfair, if Suzaku wasn't who he is, Lelouch would have had a bullet in his head before he would have been able to do anything.
I suppose you're right. What he'd done there wasn't probably going to have any effect overall, since he couldn't know that he was buying time that would be put to use by a sudden explosion. Still, I feel like that falls under a separate standard of judgment, since it seems like it was just his humane instincts which caused him to take the bullet before he knew anything else, and you can't fault such instincts.

Of course I'm very possibly misjudging Suzaku. We haven't seen much of his character revealed yet. Right now I feel like I would like him better if he had said, "Even though I must just die without having accomplished anything, I can't make changes the way you want to, Zero. You rightly call me an idiot, but I have to trust that I may find another way", but maybe what he did say will gain new meaning later on.

I get the feeling that both Suzaku and Lulu will made some progress, though with various setbacks, in each of their methods, over the course of the series, though nobody who's read the manga respond to that.
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