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I see... I'll keep that in mind.

I watched these 4 episodes over (yeah I officially became that into this series, at some point) and looked for details in what the different characters say to one another to help figure out what's going on.

(Nobody say if what I've summarized is incorrect if you've read the manga or watched further episodes...)

Spoiler for A large block of text. Beware.:

Yeah they went a bit fast, I am dumb so I don't pick up what's going on well, so it's good I reviewed this. I'll try to memorize names as I watch episode 5. Let's see, I know Karen, Lulu, Rival, Nina, Mallay or whatever that student's name is (I'd recognize it), "Sir Jeremiah", Suzaku, and I forget his sister's name, and the names of the people's Karen's with, and pretty much everyone else's name... wonderful.

Also, how do we know CC's name? Is this just one of those things which we all know because she's a main character? Edit: Never mind, that was in the Q&A topic.
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